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When it comes to Concealed Carry Firearms (CCW) Training, you get what you pay for! Don't get yourself in trouble with a "crash course" that doesn't provide you with enough actual range time or extensive knowledge about carrying a concealed firearm. Tactical West, LLC offers optimal educational and thorough CCW Permit qualification and renewal classes. You will be instructed one–on–one or in a small group by a Multi-State Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor, Certified NRA Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Nevada Department of Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor and a seasoned, lifelong shooter, hunter and outdoorsman pro. After going through the extensive classroom course, we will evaluate your marksmanship at the range and will work with you to improve if needed. Even really good shooters tend to learn a thing or two! At Tactical West, LLC. we believe your life is worth a little extra time.

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Concealed Carry Firearms Classes (CCW) Classes
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Tactical West, LLC offers concealed carry firearms (CCW) classes for Nevada, Utah, Florida, and Arizona.  Please visit the instructor page for information about our instructor.

All Nevada concealed carry classes must be taught (including range qualification) entirely within the state of Nevada. Our Nevada/Utah classes are taught on a regular basis in both Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada - County of Clark. Therefore, most students chooses to take our Nevada and Utah class by completing one full day of classroom and range instruction. 

Want a Utah, Florida, or Arizona License?

Once students have successfully completed the Nevada CCW course and wish to apply for a Florida or Arizona concealed carry permit, we can sign off on a course completion certificate which can be submitted to Florida or Arizona to apply for either of their CCW permits as well. We are also available to teach Nevada/Utah classes on a private basis or special group classes in the state of Nevada or to travel to your particular state and teach your specific group a Utah CCW Class. After successful completion of the Nevada or Utah CCW class, students can submit their class completion certificate to the state of Florida or Arizona to apply for their Florida/Arizona concealed carry permits. Utah requires additional training. Please inquire about this permit.

Important Class Information

Tactical West, LLC and its instructors/associates reserve the right to alter or cancel classes at any time without prior notice and to dismiss student(s) at any time, without a refund, when safety rules are violated or other misconduct is observed. Class deposits are non-refundable. Tactical West is not responsible for students ability to pass state background checks and therefore class fees are non-refundable. Students must be at least 21 years of age and legally able to own a firearm to be eligible to apply for Concealed Carry Firearms (CCW) permits. Students are responsible for range fees, ammunition costs, eye/ear protection, state application fees and must own their own firearms. Additional charge for more than two firearms, private class instruction and we offer Certification for Nevada, Utah and Florida (ask for details as some folks are unsure why you want a permit from different states "reciprocity" agreements is the reason!). Tactical West, LLC reserves all rights. All students must pass applicable state background checks before any Concealed Carry Firearms (CCW) state permits will be granted.

Why Us?


  • Nevada resident and non-resident CCW classes & Certification
  • Utah CCW Classes & Certification
  • Up to 37 state certification available. (Utah, Florida. Arizona and other states)
  • Nevada/Utah CCW class "Certificate of Completion" accepted for Florida and Arizona CCW Permit
  • Certified HR218 (Retired Law Enforcement) Weapons Qualification Instructor as governed by the Nevada
  • Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association. Commonly known as the Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2004.
  • New CCW permit courses and renewals
  • Assistance with your selection of the "proper" firearm that suits your particular needs
  • Extensive classroom and range training
  • Flexible class schedule - "we'll even come to you"
  • Private and group classes
  • One or two day classes (Must meet state requirements)
  • NRA Certified Firearms Safety Classes (Non-CCW) - classroom and live range fire
  • Adult/youth firearms training classes (classroom and live range fire)
  • Personal Protection inside the home, outside the home, classes specifically contoured towards your particular situation (classroom and live range fire)
  • We can teach you how to shoot safely and the right way! (classroom and live range fire)
  • Pre-CCW training, class preparation classes – "get you ready for the full CCW class" - (classroom and live range fire)
  • Accessories, ammo and concealment equipment available. See our website for products available.
    Please visit the front page of our website for more information

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