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Hi Kevin, thanks again for such an amazing CCW course. I attended your class yesterday at Bass Pro Shop, and let me just say that you are a true professional in what you do, and it goes without saying that you have a deep passion for teaching…
As a single mom, I wanted my 11 year old son to learn the “right way” to handle a firearm and was referred to Kevin by one of his former students. WOW, what a good idea. He was professional and took the time necessary to teach my son what I felt was important for him to eventually own his own firearm. Kevin did both classroom training as well as live fire on the range which was exactly what we needed. I HIGHLY suggest if you are in need of the same type of training for a child, you call Kevin, you’ll be glad you did. I surely was!
Brooke, Las Vegas
WOW!  What an amazing training class directed by Instructor Kevin McNair from Tactical West for concealed carry (CCW) firearms course for the state of Nevada…very impressive.Whether you are new and learning OR confident handling a firearm, this class is for you. You will never feel abandoned. Kevin makes the class enjoyable, informative, and most of all, he makes you feel comfortable. His confidence is evident in his teaching method and he is available and supportive of any concerns and to answer questions.His course provides an abundance of knowledge, including informative videos, documentation, and assistance with additional information from websites, etc. He will never make you feel insecure and is always available to help you…especially for people like me who was a nervous wreck when I started the class!!I am so pleased that I found Kevin and that I stuck with the course to complete the necessary qualifications.  Without hesitation, I recommend Kevin McNair.
Due to schedule constraints, Kevin was able to accommodate a private CCW class for 2 of us. Although more expensive, it was well worth it. Kevin is a superb instructor in didactics as well as shooting. The course was excellent and very thorough. We learned a great deal. I recommended a friend from CA who took the course from Kevin after a 4 day handgun course at Frontsight and he was very happy. I highly recommend Kevin for any type of firearm training be it CCW or hunter safety or firearms instruction. Additionally, he’s a great guy.
Doug, Las Vegas
I had the pleasure of taking the Nevada State concealed weapons course with Kevin just over 5 years, I returned to re-certify just recently. On both my courses I was given sound advice and excellent instruction. He makes a very important course of instruction really interesting and takes no short cuts. He has a manner of expertise that make you want to do well, he is enthusiastic and students can’t wait to get to the range and get qualified. He has a great manner both in the class room and on the range and he has a great working relationship with various local ranges both indoor and outdoor. For any beginner or any qualified license holder who needs to re-certify, I would have no hesitation than to direct them to Kevin for his knowledge, candor and expertise. An excellent instructor with a lot of useful up-dated current information to enable students to progress. I cannot imagine going to any other instructor or organization.  
Keith Wilson
As a 15-year Hunter Ed Instructor for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, I've taught Hunter Education classes with Kevin McNair numerous times. I can personally say he is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. Kevin brings his real life experiences into the classroom to share with the students. Kevin, as with many instructors, always instills an eagerness to learn, not only about the traditions, responsibilities and behaviors that goes along with hunting, but also the obligation and accountability required when handling any firearm. Pick Kevin and you’ve made the right choice!
Robert Gaudet, President, Nevada Wildlife federation, Inc
I recently took Tactical West’s CCW course Instructed by Kevin. Prior to the class I had some questions about the class. I emailed Kevin on several different occasions about different questions I had. Kevin got back to me each and every time the same day or the next day. At that time, I knew I had picked the right instructor for my CCW. Kevin’s class is top notch, he is extremely diligent with his knowledge, dedication and professionalism. Kevin was extremely helpful with assisting all students as to the application process for each state. Thank you Kevin for making this class an absolute pleasure to take. I recommend Tactical West for all your CCW needs, whether it be individual or in a group.
Dennis, Bullhead City, AZ
In Kevin’s CCW class my wife, father-in- law, brother and I were extremely pleased with the way Kevin presented the material. He was able to provide detailed information and examples, where necessary, to punctuate critical topics. We left feeling ready to evaluate, and if necessary to make the hard choices, if confronted with the need to employ our training. Having done so already, I continue to recommend Tactical West and Kevin McNair to anyone seeking thorough firearms education and training.
Fred and Lisa – Las Vegas
This was an eye opening, extensive class and definitely made me much more aware of the responsibilities of concealed carry. I feel much better equipped mentally about the many hazards of the real world we live in.
Chris C.
I recently had the pleasure of taking two private firearms training classes from Kevin, along with private CCW training along with my husband. Kevin is a consummate professional who truly focuses upon safety as well as making sure all of your questions are answered. He was patient, kind, informative and obviously highly-qualified and capable in all areas re: shooting. Do not hesitate to contact Kevin for training. He is the best!
A short note to thank you for the outstanding concealed carry class.  Your reputation for a quality class is well deserved! The training you provided was comprehensive and thorough, answered all of our questions and even accommodated our tight travel schedule.  I was a little apprehensive about qualifying at the range and the extra attention you gave me allowed me to relax and qualify without any problems, thank you again for all the personalized attention.
R. Bowers, Whining Dog Ranch LLC
I am a California CCW permit holder and I travel to Las Vegas for business often. When I cross into Nevada I have to remove my firearm and secure it in the glove box. I have grown tired of this and also the uncertainty of not having my firearm at my side during the duration of my stay in Nevada. My last trip I decided that I need to take the time and get my Nevada CCW. I began my search for a CCW instructor. The first website I came across was Tactical West. I was very impressed by all the information Kevin offers on his web site. What stood out the most for me is that Kevin offers private CCW classes. This was a must for me as I am a very private person and I did not have the time for the group environment. Kevin is a highly knowledgeable instructor and he has the certifications to back this up. The course material was presented well and was very informative. I think even the most informed individual will walk away learning something new from Kevin’s class. I highly recommend Tac…
A California Resident
My wife and I recently had our first baby and we decided to get our CCWs for self-defense. My work schedule is not Monday through Friday and Kevin at Tactical West was very accommodating in setting up a private CCW course for us. Moreover, we were comfortable taking Kevin’s class, he was professional about the subject matter and at the same time he was NOT overbearing (which we have experienced from other firearms instructors). We were very satisfied with the knowledge provided. No questions went unanswered, even firearms questions beyond the scope of the class were answered. As beginners with firearms we did exceptionally well on the range and written tests, which emphasizes the quality of the instructor!
P&H from Las Vegas
I took the CCW course with Kevin 5 years ago.  It was a great learning experience so I made sure to return for the renewal course.  I had to modify my travel plans since I live out of state, but it was well worth it.  Excellent instruction! Kevin is a knowledgeable and friendly instructor.  I strongly recommend!
Dr. Dave from Utah
When I was searching the net to attempt to take a private course for the renewal of my NV CCW, I came across your website and was rather impressed from the outset especially since we had common interests. You are a member of SCI and I was the international President, and you are a member of NRA of course and I served on the BOD. Then I read your reviews and became hopeful you would agree to do so, which you did while I was in town for the SCI Convention. As a former NRA instructor and having worked my way through undergraduate and law school as a range officer, I can state without hesitation that you are a superb instructor and so is your course. We spent all of the requisite time ending with the written test. Your course materials and videos were superb as was your presentation and knowledge of the law.
Lawrence S. Katz, Esq.
I normally don’t do this sort of thing but I just had to let you know how impressed I was with the recertification class I recently attended with you for my CCW. Since I have had my CCW for several years and have attended multiple classes I was sure it was just a formality I had to endure for my recertification. Man was I wrong! Your knowledge of the laws past and present, and the information covered during the class was more than I expected. I enjoyed and learned more about being a responsible armed citizen in your class than I have in any other course that I have attended in the past. I just wanted to say thank you for all the information. You made it so easy to get all the paperwork filed and I’m looking foreword to taking your class again. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their CCW certification.
Larry Brinker, Las Vegas
I recently completed a Nevada CCW renewal class in Las Vegas with Kevin McNair at Tactical West. I would strongly recommend his class to anyone thinking about obtaining their CCW for the first time or renewing their existing permit. Kevin is incredibly enthusiastic and naturally gifted instructor. He keeps his class sizes small an encourages interaction. He has a wealth of experience and is very involved in the community – it’s clear that he teaches these classes because he is passionate about this and wants others to be responsible and safe.
TJ - Las Vegas, NV
Kevin outstanding course today, it’s obvious you have been at this for a long time. Not boring at all, the time went by fast. I’ve been hunting since 1962; the course humbled me to the fact how little I knew. The course encourages me to look into more classes and donate some time towards volunteering. I’d recommend the course to any of my friends or family. After taken the course I feel it should be mandatory in order to receive a hunting license. I need to check out your CCW course. I’m a retired machinist/welder; I have a small Tig welder if you have any small projects to be welded. I’m a former Marine rated 100% with the VA I enjoy staying busy. Looking forward in getting to know Nevada, I have time on my hands.
Rich Galloway
As former Nevada residents, we allowed our Nevada CCW permits to expire after we moved to Florida and got our Concealed Weapons and Firearms License (CWFL) there. We subsequently found that we return to Nevada frequently and we wanted to be able to carry while in Las Vegas. After a referral from one of Kevin’s former students, we enrolled in his all-day Saturday CCW class at Bass Pro Shops and found that in addition to addressing the full range of information needed by students new to the concealed carry lifestyle, it also included a thorough review of the changes in the applicable laws and provided the updates we needed to feel competent, informed, and fully safe carrying in Nevada once again. We can highly recommend Kevin’s CCW class for those seeking their Nevada CCW whether they are experienced shooters or relative ‘Newbies’.
Bob and Carol from Florida
I took a private ccw class from Kevin and was quite impressed. The choice of material was excellent. The videos were well chosen and presented different points of view and a very good analysis of situations and how to deal with them. The personal instruction was very good as well. There was a large volume of handouts which we went through over a period of many hours. The course had the desired effect of making it very clear what the responsibilities of concealed carry are. I would highly recommend this course to anyone needing ccw training.
Doug from California
I am a pain physician in Las Vegas and after another clinic shooting, I knew I needed to get my CCW to protect my staff in case this were to ever occur. I contacted Kevin the next day as his name came right up after a quick online search. I highly recommend Kevin as a firearms instructor!! You can shoot before the class but I wasn’t ready to do that. I took my shooting test within the two weeks after you take the course. The full day class was super informative – and I recommend it to ANYone who is interested even in personal safety not specifically a carry conceal permit. It’s a full 8 hours, no joke and you plow through lots of but all useful. He has a printed list of packets and all your paperwork you need and ready to go. He had so many great tips and things to think about. Also he provides great online resources for the laws, personal safety, legal issues, equipment resources, and articles. I will definitely take his class again! See Kevin for all your firearm needs!!!!
Kathy Travnicek MD
As a Law Enforcement retiree I have had contact with a lot of professionals in the firearms training business. Kevin is a highly knowledgeable instructor with an outstanding course and presentation. He provided me what I needed as well enhancing the mandatory material with additional useful information. I would recommend him to anyone that needs the training.
Bill from Las Vegas
I want to thank Kevin from Tactical West for his professionalism. His CCW class was informative and most knowledgable. He made sure we understood the Laws and the course material was absolutely spot-on.  I want to thank him for his service and training.  It was most outstanding. I would recommend anyone who is looking to attend a CCW, Firearm safety, Personal Protection or Hunter Education class that Kevin’s definitely the one you want to learn from. He's the best!  Thank you!
Stephen van Harrevelt
My wife and I recently took a firearms training class from Kevin to prepare for a full concealed weapons class that he also was to teach us. We were both brand new firearms owners and were very scared and concerned about what to expect from gun ownership. Kevin made us both feel very comfortable and in the end, we both ended up learning a tremendous amount and successfully obtained our multi-state permits from the best firearms instructor in Nevada. We highly recommend Kevin and Tactical West for any and all firearms training classes you consider.
John and Elizabeth
My son just completed your hunter ed course, I sat through the class and we both found your personalized experiences and teaching was awesome. I am 40 years old and have always been  familiar with firearms, I would like to start carrying legally.  Let me know when I can attend a class and complete my permit. There are a lot of classes out there but I appreciate your approach and personalization.
I’ve taken my concealed class with Kevin twice and highly recommend him. I was very impressed with the detail and informative class that Kevin teaches. Course materials were very informative. All questions were answered and all appropriate topics were thoroughly covered. The training is top-notch, and the instructor is extremely helpful in assisting students with getting applications prepared correctly I have already referred you to some friends, and I hope they will experience your great class. I look forward to taking additional classes from you in the future.
Jamieson Kono, Tacoma Washington
I needed to learn how to use my tactical shotgun and AR-15 for home defense. I was referred to Kevin to do just that. He turned out to be knowledgeable and passionate about the subject at hand. He is well worth the money that I paid to gain peace of mind and the training I needed to feel comfortable defending myself and my family in the tumultuous world we live in. Good job Kevin, this was a really easy endorsement to write! See you soon to complete my mission to obtain training for my multi-state CCW permits.
Stephen, LV
I was certainly impressed with the content and the quality of the class. Your experience and knowledge of firearms, as well as suggestions you made to me made all the difference in the world. I came out with every question I had answered and all the documents prepared for the next step in achieving my Concealed weapons permit. It was far more detailed than I thought and your experience and expertise mad the transition very easy. Thanks for helping me along and getting me certified in the CCW permit system. Also I wanted to say thank you for instructing the monthly State certified Hunter education course through your local Bass Pro Shops. This class helps to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters afield and requires mentors such as yourself to continue the heritage of hunting throughout our country. Thanks again.
Martin Olson
I took Kevin’s class a few weeks ago and really wasn’t sure what to expect, or what I was getting into. The class catered to various levels of experience while providing an equally comfortable, educational environment for both men and women. The class was not only informative but it was enjoyable and fun. I can definitely say I walked away having learning a lot more than I came in with. I highly recommend this course for anyone, whether just starting up or an expert in the field!
Andi from New York
I would like to highly recommend Kevin as a firearms instructor. His class was a very full day, but we never wasted a minute of time and was packed with useful information. As an instructor, Kevin wants to impart as much knowledge as he can throughout the entire class! He provides you with equipment resources, legal links, reciprocity resources and an extensive curriculum that you take home. I’ve been to a lot of seminars and classes over the years and you can tell when an instructor “is really” interested in the participants learning and understanding the subject matter. That ultimately describes Kevin.
Gordon Schick, California

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